Saison du Buff – an Engagement in Joy


A craft brew brought as a peace offering to humanity, the “Saison du Buff” is a testament to taste. Dogfish Head, Stone, and Victory breweries collaborated to endow this sumptuous substance with a simple yet significant profile.

Reserved palated persons should take caution; persons of extended and interested tongue should rejoice. Frankly, if you’re reading this, you need to taste it.

Sage hits hard, but don’t be discouraged: its worth it. Parsley is ever-present, underwhelming, and pleasant. Thyme is a afterthought, but well executed. Rosemary provides a consistent guide through the flavors as the beer matures from its chilled state of arrival through its full-bodied yet admirably light (and relatively low-content) finish. A fine pairing for a young goat cheese, any seafood, or citrus-prepared chicken dish, “Saison du Buff” is a perfect accompaniment to your dinner party and your life.

Many thanks to Josh at Eastern Standard for the recommendation. More background on the beer and the collaborators at the Stone Brewery Blog.

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Sometime artist, writer, politico, world traveler, excel-geek and Boston-based-foodie
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